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Reducing Chargebacks At Your Restaurants

It is inevitable that you will experience chargebacks at your restaurant at some point or another, which occur when a customer disputes a transaction on their account and the charge made at your restaurant is reversed and returned to the cardholder. Chargebacks occur for a number of reasons, including when there has been card fraud […]

The $8.65 Billion Shift to New Credit Cards Won’t Fix Security Issues

We wanted to share this informative article on EMV and the October 2015 “Shift in Liability” that set to take place with credit card companies and merchants. It’s important to note these emerging technologies and how they effect your business. Please CONTACT one of consultants if you would like to learn more! The $8.65 Billion Shift […]

AmEx’s Battle With the Feds Could mean lower costs

Every merchant/small business feels the pain each time a credit card is swiped. There has been recent legislation that has helped merchant drastically lower swipe fee’s. Many changes are still in the future with the credit card industry as well.  See below, a recent article involving American Express (Amex) and the Justice Department debating as […]