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Why You Should Avoid Using A Retail POS System In Your Restaurant

If you think that all point of sale systems are created equal, think again. The purpose of a POS system in your restaurant and business is to make things as easy and efficient as possible. If you are using retail POS system in your restaurant, then you will want to make the switch to a […]

Strategies for Managing the Cost of Processing Small Ticket Payments

Below is a great article on how restaurants (Especially small ticket establishments like coffee shops) can manage their cost of credit card processing fee’s. The DURBIN Amendment was set in place to help merchants, which for the most part has, but small merchants have taken on the burden of picking up the costs. Strategies for Managing […]

Can Technology Help Bring New Customers into My Restaurant?

Below is a great Post from our friends at MICROS in regards to technology in your restaurant. Making a solid investment in your WEBSITE can claim top priority in bringing in new customers. By having a strong web presence and also an easy-to-navigate website will ultimately allow your existing customers and potential new customers a […]

5 Essential Tips for Getting Your Point of Sale Right

Hey DCRS Blog readers! Check out this  great post by MICROS on the essential tips for purchasing the RIGHT Point of Sale System! Also, be sure to check out the BUYERS GUIDE to purchasing a Point of Sale System as it provides great insight!   5 Essential Tips for Getting Your Point of Sale Right By […]